About Us

When I was little, I was very quiet. Dancing was my best friend. My father played music in the house every day. I would express myself by dancing. Dancing came first, fashion was second and I wanted to take those two things that I know to create and combine them into something nobody could ignore. The people who know me know that I'm an entertainer. I love to give a show when I'm on stage. I love to express myself in my dance moves, facial expressions, and outfits. 
I let different prints and patterns communicate to me. I like to create Solo Jubin Clothing within a Rhythm. And the patterns are a rhythm on their own that work well with my SJ Pieces.
I want to have my SJ Men and SJ Women pieces to feel like they are center stage pieces and folks wearing them feel able to conquer the world. Growing up in a family who maintained its vibrant culture in a new land, I have been deeply influenced by the Ghananian tradition of always looking sharp and memorable. People from Ghana embrace the bold presence in the way they dress and accessorize. Strong patterns and colors are the hallmarks of their sartorial traditions. They are very proud of their Kente cloth and its hand-made craftsmanship.
I pull inspiration from my mother and grandmother's old photos. I am stunned constantly with how they carry their garments like their aurora’s as strong Black African Queens.
Wearing Solo Jubin you will feel like center stage.

If you would like customization, please fill out the form below or email us directly at: info@solojubin.com